The Monday Caramel update – #19

Week: 31 weeks!

Size: Little Bugger is over 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds. (Go to Whole Foods and pick up four navel oranges, then bounce them around in front of you and pretend like you’re holding LC).

Name: Little Caramel Man

Gender: punching, kicking, somersaulting, causing me crazy heartburn baby boy!

Maternity Clothes: Fact: I may be wearing dresses from here on out. Too bad I don’t live in Hawaii and can’t then sport a muumuu. (Upon looking up how to correctly spell “muumuu,” I also just figured out the perfect word for that next time in Words With Friends I’m stuck with 4 “u’s” and 2 “m’s.” Fabulous).

Food Cravings: I cannot confirm nor deny that a little over an hour ago, I rushed out of meeting with a good friend because I started to feel the heartburn a comin’ on (which generally means I need to eat. Welcome to my favorite pastime). While sitting in traffic on the drive home, I scarfed down a coconut granola bar, but LC was having none of that. Give me protein, STAT mama! Upon arrival home, it was a tough decision: do I use the potty first, as I’m about to wet myself, or do I dig into the rotisserie chicken in the fridge and eat like a cave woman while standing in the kitchen? I’ll let the studio audience decide whether the stomach or the bladder won.

Currently reading: Bringing Up Bebe, The Nursing Mother’s Companion + Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

Most interesting fact: French parents seem to endorse what I’d loosely call the Babywise method, based on what little I know about it. (I know, some of you are cringing right now as you are BIG fans). According to Bringing Up Bebe, they naturally practice “The Pause,” purposefully waiting 5 or so minutes before picking up a crying baby in order to see if they’re really hungry and/or to truly distinguish their cry. This then allows babies to start sleeping through the night at a very early age. What we then will do, I have not yet decided.

Feeling: like I don’t know how pregnant I really, finally look. Oftentimes I’ll look downward and think, oh, my belly’s sticking out – there’s a baby in there! But having felt like there was always a bit of a stomach bump, it doesn’t look that noticeable to me. And then I look in the mirror, at which point it’s like, Holy S$%^, there’s a baby in there!

Missing: The Hubs. These 16 hour work days have got to stop.

Anticipating: Showers and birthing classes and hospital tours and making the perfect little DIY baby mobile – it’s becoming so real!

It’s a thankful (not thirsty) Thursday

I am reminded of Thursdays in college, in which every bar within driving/walking/biking distance would advertise “Thirsty Thursdays,” thus commencing the opportunity of an early weekend of partying for every collegiate in the greater Tacoma area. So although I’m still thirsty this Thursday, my thirst is instead quenched by the gallons of water I’m seeming to drink, paired with the occasional chocolate milk and morning coffee. I’m not complaining. I’m thankful-ing.

I’m thankful for afternoon snacks that rid my body of heartburn (which I’ve been told is a sure sign that the baby’s either a boy or extremely hairy – I’m hoping for the former).

I’m thankful for 24 hours in a place that’s second nature to me, even if the visit was for work purposes. The place: Santa Cruz, CA, the name in and of itself connotes coolness with visions of beaches and surfing and California-dreamyness alike. I lived there for four years, teaching high school English in the area, but also spent four summers (prior to that) working at a camp in town and being called “Kujo” by the little people and staffers alike.

And even more than the place, I’m thankful for the people. I’m thankful for running into friends who have known you for 10, 15 years – and you don’t have to explain yourself to them. You know them and they know you.

I’m thankful for this man right here:

wouldn't you want to see that on the front of your cell phone each day? Dreaminess in a bottle, baby.

He works so hard and loves so well. He’s going to be an amazing dad!

I’m thankful for family and friends and voicemails and text messages alike. I’m thankful for books to read and the show SMASH and Words With Friends (because I’m a wordy kind of gal). I’m thankful for the Jesus who loves me, and that I’m able to respond to his love. I’m thankful for homemade meals, like coconut chicken BBQ’d on the grill tonite. I’m thankful that the period of resting and nesting has begun, and that meditating and praying are part of my mama-to-be self-diagnosed assignment.

Thankfulness abounds. What are YOU thankful for?

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

The “Monday” Caramel Update – #18

It's a baby grilling bump!

Week: 30 weeks!

Size: 15.7 inches long and is 3 pounds in weight (and he was just equated to a head of cabbage).

Name: Cappuccino/Caramel/Little Buddy Meredith

Gender: punching, kicking, somersaulting baby boy!

Maternity Clothes: I am happy to report that I finally went and bought some new shoes; thank you Target and Nordstrom Rack for having just what I needed so that I could trade in 3 new pairs for 3 old stanky ones! (And for those curious, my feet don’t seemed to have changed sizes – I’d held off for too long, but new shoes were a-callin’!

Food Cravings: There seems to be a direct correlation between how much meat (usually fish or chicken, with the occasional burger thrown in there) I eat, and how much heartburn I then get it. The more meat, the less heartburn. Go figure.

Currently reading: Bringing Up Bebe, The Nursing Mother’s Companion + Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

Most interesting fact: Did you know that you don’t have to get your eyes dilated at the eye doctor’s if you’re pregnant? And this isn’t for some medical reason, but simply because the eye doctor is scared of the wrath of pregnant women in general, and doesn’t want to add another thing to her plate. True story. Thank you, Dr. Kelly.

Feeling: like some people know the right thing to say: “Girrrrrl, [imagine this coming from a legit, older black woman at last night’s banquet], you’re looking good. Why, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pregnant woman whose face has gotten thinner. I mean, have you even gained any weight?” She kept talking, and I kept milking it, hoping she didn’t have access to my medical records to see the actual weight gain that’s taken place.

Missing: Painted toenails. I really need to get a pedicure, as I can’t reach my own feet so well.

Anticipating: [I preface this with the statement, I am not a princess, I swear.] Since living in California, in generally (more) urban environments, I’ve slept with earplugs. And then I was introduced to an eye mask a couple years ago, and have never gone back. It’s since come to my attention that my beauty sleep regime of silence and darkness could soon come to an end, and that I need to start prepping accordingly for it. I’m dreading this un-blissful time of snoozin’.

The Monday Caramel Update – #16

Week: 29 weeks!

Size: Hello, little butternut squash! (So much better than a head of cabbage. Weight: 2 1/2 pounds, Length: a “tad” over 15 inches).

Name: Cappuchino Meredith (at least that’s what neighbor Mark called him today).

Gender: punching, kicking, somersaulting baby boy!

Maternity Clothes: From the mouth of (high school) babes this afternoon: “Well Cara, I’ve got to tell you, you really don’t look that chunky.” Why thank you! The girls then put their hands all over my belly and asked me to explain maternity jeans to them. No zippers –!

Food Cravings: pretty much whatever I can get my hands on every other hour. Eating is my hobby.

Currently reading: Bringing Up Bebe, The Nursing Mother’s Companion + Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close for fun. (One friend this morning suggested I read some actual “what to expect from newborns” books, as to not be all prepped on pregnancy and birth, but then have little reference one the buddy arrives).

Most interesting fact: Honestly, nothing’s really stuck out in this week’s reading. On another note, did you know that fatigue returns in 3rd trimester? I successfully went to bed at 9.15 last night, and didn’t wake up until 7 this morning – yay for hibernation before sleep deprivation!

Feeling: like there’s a light at the end of the busy tunnel…

Missing: not being clumsy. fully articulating coherent sentences (damn you, pregnancy brain – where is my vocabulary?).

Anticipating: going to sleep tonite. Is it bad if I’m already excited to go to bed, and it’s only 8.15?


the banquet will be here in 8 days.  i preached this morning at church.  i’m taking one last grad class before the bebe’ arrives.  mr. darcy’s in what caesar milan would call “rehabilitation,” while his owners are in “training.”  our house is still in the unpacking stage because I just can’t do what I was able to do before…so boxes sit unopened.  

but life is good.  i am soaking in the silence of evening, the sunlight filtering through our windows (because living in san francisco’s sunset district really does live up to its name), and i’m catching up on my Sunset magazine reading. I took a nap this afternoon, talked to favorite neighbor Mark, and threw the ball with the dog.   The hubs went to go grab Chinese food for dinner, and really – does it get any better than this?  

So for now, with about 2.5 months of moments of silence left as a certainty, I soak it in, and I rest.  

Cheers to Sundays, and restful, silent reflection.

The “Monday” Caramel Update – #15

Spring has sprung in Miss'ippi

Week: 28 weeks – oh boysie, it’s getting REAL.

Size: Our little buddy was just equated to a Chinese cabbage, further acknowledging that the current fruit/vegetable pickings are slim. (Weight: 2 1/4 pounds, 14.8 inches long).

Name: LC Meredith

Gender: bouncing, kicking, somersaulting baby boy!

Maternity Clothes: …need to be washed. There’s not much more to say. I refuse to spend an exorbitant amount of money on that which I’m really only going to be wearing for a few months in the long run. Reduce, reuse, recycle it is!

Food Cravings: Chocolate milk. Tired just jumped up and slapped me yesterday afternoon in the Jackson, MS airport, which a quick cat nap on the floor of the Delta terminal and a bottle of chocolate milk from the bookstore relatively cured.

Currently reading: Bringing up Bebe which answers the question, “How dew zee French dew eet?” when it comes to parenting. NPR, Amazon and neighbor Kara alike all gave it 5 stars, and though only one chapter in, I’m wondering if this is going to be more life-memoir than parenting tips. (For instance, did anyone read the book Mennonite in a Little Black Dress a couple years ago? I had high hopes of funny childhood stories, but the book overwhelming seemed to highlight the tragedies of her adult-life more than the funnies of growing up). On another note, The Milk Memos was excellent – it was a fun, easy, informational read that more so highlighted the realities breastfeeding and parenting in general more than it did an “I am working mama woman, hear me roar” mentality.

Most interesting fact: Your ankles can still get swollen on a four-hour plane ride even if you’re adamant about standing up and walking every half an hour (personal experience). Hormones are crazy during pregnancy (personal experience, dear lord). Women burn 600 calories/day breastfeeding (book – halleju-jer!).

Feeling: contemplative.

Missing: my belly button. I’m pretty sure that which used to be a belly button is now a belly dimple.

Anticipating: not eating any more fried food. I do love a good Miss’ippi visit, but my stomach is ready and willing and wanting some fresh west coast cuisine! What would you choose off the menu below?

It's a toss up between fried mushrooms and fried green tomatoes! Or fried dill pickles or...

The Monday caramel update – #14

I'm totally knocked up.

Week: 27 weeks…um, that means 3rd trimester is officially here this FRIDAY. How’d that happen?

Size: He’s not that much longer (about 14.5 inches long), but the little bugger is nearly 2 pounds! And just equated my baby to a head of cauliflower. Now I can’t help but picture cauliflower ear via high school wrestling mats on perfection growing inside. Ew.

Name: Little Caramel Meredith. (So, if you haven’t guessed, we’re not telling the name beforehand. It’s the best secret of my life at this point).

Gender: bouncing baby boy!

Maternity Clothes: in case you’re wondering, I can still wear heels. Not that I should be wearing heels, but looking nice for the hub’s birthday is a rare, short-lived exception that I can manage for 3 hours.

Food Cravings: BLTA’s – and we just had them for dinner. I think I was over-mayonnaised as a child, but the craving came back in full-force this evening. More, more!

Currently reading: The Milk Memos – awesome for moms who are planning on going back to work after the baby comes, and breastfeeding at that. (Okay, and also the 3rd book of the Hunger Games series…).

Most interesting fact: I’ve quickly found out from mama-friends in other states that California’s three-hour gestational diabetes test is a little redunkulous. Friends in other states, what have you had to do? Ours is blood draw…wait a half hour (and, if approved), drink the nasty Kool-aid…wait an hour, blood draw #2…wait another hour, blood draw #3. The good news is that my OB saw the light, and allowed me to just have a hemoglobin draw this morning. Yippee!

Feeling: let the resting and nesting commence.

Missing: sleeping on my stomach. I need to go to the beach right about now and dig a belly-hole. Mmm.

Anticipating: an extended Easter weekend in Mississippi in just three days! I’ve decided I need to buy a big, floppy hat to wear on Easter Sunday at what is sure to be the craziest Resurrection celebration I’ve ever attended (i.e.: a big ol’ black church in the South…need I say more?)

What are you doing for the holiday this Sunday?