the canon chronicles, 3.

Yesterday our little family spent the day down in Santa Cruz, both visiting local friends and our church family, so the question of Canon’s age kept coming up. “Oh, he’s going to be three months in just a few days!” I kept exclaiming, only to be eventually corrected by the hubs that he’d be turning the big three months old in only one day. One day? But I thought I had at least three or four days, further proving that I’m less and less operating by actual dates, and instead via days of the week. The days go by so slow, but the months are already flying by…

Raise a fist for the big 3 months!

Current nicknames: Bugaboo.

Weight & length: 13 pounds, 2 ounces, which means he’s gained another two pounds this month! I’m not sure on length, as this current measurement didn’t come from the doctor, but from our own back room scale.

Sleep story: I say with confidence that he’s sleeping through the night, having successfully transitioned this past week from the bassinet to the crib. Though there’s a “but” to this sleep: he usually wakes up around 3 or 4 in the morning, just needing to be comforted for a couple of minutes before falling back asleep and sleeping for another few hours. And thus we give in, and with sleepy eyes and ears that need not desire to hear him scream any longer, pick him up and give him a few minutes of snugs. So, does this really count as having conquered his nights? Does it matter?

Poop story: I was talking to my friend B yesterday about elimination communication. This really is fascinating: you begin to know your kid’s “elimination” habits so well that you essentially potty train them from birth. And it’s not just limited to third world countries, but is beginning to make its way among those who desire a greener, more intimate connection with their children. What do you think? Would you ever be brave enough and green enough and fast enough (to make it to the toilet) to try this?

Baby Daddy story: James successfully stayed home with Canon ALL day last Wednesday. He took the day off work, while I hopped on a plane to LA for an all-day Young Life meeting. [Side note: it was pretty rad to say the least: 170 staffers from California and Nevada, gathering to pray and play together, learn and grow and eat together. I love the people who make up this mission.] They watched football and ate pizza and had man time together.

Feeling: stretched.

Musing over: needing to put the 0-3 month clothes away pretty soon. Wondering if we should reinstate the cloth diaper service because we still have a couple hundred dollars worth of credit. Wondering why and how my “Cheap Scot” roots are coming out, desiring to save money on said diapers and start clipping coupons alike . Wondering how to get my husband to like to change cloth diapers. Realizing that’s a lost cause and thus moving on to the next question.

(Re)Learning: to listen to and follow my heart.

Reading: Baby 411; Wanderlust; Why We Get Fat; My Life in France; Simply Jesus + Fuller books galore.

Anticipating: More perfect baby traveling! …or will it be a one-hit wonder? [He was the dreamiest of baby travelers last weekend going to and from Portland – not even a peeping cry! Will it continue on the long flight to Nashville in November? That is the question. He was so perfect in PDX that when Alaska’s system crashed, and the KATU television guy interviewed me, I had nothing but good things to say – and therefore my positivity wasn’t really in alignment with their intended “Travelers Gone Mad!!!” human interest story. But there are a couple of rocking him to sleep shots: click here.]

Another picture of our little professional smiler?

love you, little lovebug.

Xo, chm.