summer reading, yo.

Here ye, here ye: summer reading is here!

And friends, the possibilities are endless. The pages are infinite. The places with which we can curl up and read – with a worn paperback, under the covers with our Kindle, with earbuds in while we wash the dishes – are divine. 

So, what are you reading?

Here’s a look at eleven books I’m eager to devour this summer:


And you know what? I didn’t even mean to strategically place my wedding picture next to the stack, but since you asked, here’s me and the HBH (Hot Black Husband) straight up now tell me, marriage-style:


We’re pretty fierce. (See also: I am so good at doing The Robot, face included. See also: so is he. He’s just a super smiley, posing robot).

But, the books. Back to the books.

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: hailed by Hollywood Housewife as one of her favorite books on parenting, I’ve had it on my list for awhile and now find it highly appropriate given the number of Batman Band-Aids we go through on a weekly basis.

Vinegar GirlI’m actually reading this for the Englewood Review, which is utterly delightful to my book nerd brain. And even better, it’s a rewrite of The Taming of the Shrewwhich is one of my favorite Shakespearean plays.

Ethan Frome: This is my reread of the summer, which is a Really Big Deal, people. I don’t usually reread books, but once upon a time I remember loving Edith Wharton’s book, so I’m going to cozy up with it again soon.

The Real Thing: Originally a pick for the Shalom Book Club (which we later changed to The Knockoff)I’d already purchased it and then got all gushy about reading it, given all the weddings we’re going to this summer.

The Color of WaterThis has been at the top of my list for awhile now, as it’s a black man’s letter to his white mother. I can’t tell you how many people have recommended it to me, and given (my own) book content, I have a feeling it’s going to be rather influential.

Stiff: I know, random. I am generally not one for dead bodies, although I did watch a fair amount of Law and Order: SVU in my (knocked-up) days. But my cousins told me to read it, so when the cousins say you should do something, you do it.


Roadmap to Reconciliation: Technically a fall pick for the Shalom Book Club, I heard Brenda Salter McNeil speak a month and a half ago in town, and I tell you what: I cannot wait any longer. Powerhouse, y’all. Please join me.

America’s Original Sin: I also got to hear Jim Wallis speak in San Francisco a couple of months ago, and he too is changing the way America talks about race. This is particularly fascinating given that, well, he’s white.

The NestOne of Modern Mrs. Darcy’s top five minimalist summer reading recommendations, I was originally going to read this on Audible but could not get enough of the cover. It’s gorgeous, y’all.


I mean, it’s so gorgeous you could display it on your mantle.

[What? You don’t display books on your mantle? Too classy for such book wormery? Also, spell check keeps telling me that “wormery” is not a word. For purposes of this post, I choose to disagree.]

The Knockoff: as mentioned above, this is one of our Shalom Book Club (the book club podcast) summer reads. If you liked The Devil Wears Prada , I hear you will LOVE this pick. Join us!

The Pocketknife Bible: And this one is just for fun. For kicks. For giggles. It’s from the best friend, and it’s full of pictures, and I hear I might just get something out of it. (You may now equate “cousins” with “best friend”: I take my recommendations from those who know me best quite seriously).

So, that’s it. My Audible queue is packed with additional reads and I just requested a bunch of books in Overdrive (the library’s borrowing system), so I can keep my Kindle full of mostly fiction reads. I’m also reading several books for review, so be on the look out for further thoughts throughout the summer.

Finally, if you need more ideas for summer reading bliss, consider one of the following:

Happy reading!

So, what else would you add? Want to join me on any of the above books? Are you in deep hatred of any of the aforementioned books as well? Dive in, do tell!

*Post contains Amazon Affiliate links, yo!

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